Happy New Year!  Wishing all of our families a very healthy, happy and rewarding year ahead!

PARP 2020 is coming!!! Please look through the packet of information coming home on Monday!  Be sure to sign the reading contract and hang your PARP sign in your home! There are a lot of great events that the PARP Committee has planned.  Please read through the packet to learn all about the celebration! Our kick-off assembly will be on Friday, January 10th.  Ask your children all about it!

We are asking for all families to please be considerate when using the driveway north of the school building.  There has been a large buildup of traffic on Merrick Avenue due to cars not dropping off their children in a timely manner by the APR doors.  We ask that you please pull up as far as you can and have your child quickly exit the vehicle.  As a reminder, parents should not be getting out of their vehicles in order to expedite the flow of traffic.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Dana Bermas


Chatterton School


  • Chatterton PTA Cultural Arts Program is pleased to have all 5th and 6th grade students hear Holocaust Survivor and co-author Marion Blumenthal Lazan on Tuesday, January 7th at 9:20AM.  This is a special opportunity for your child to hear an account of a very important period in history.  “ Lazan’s mission is to speak to as many students as possible so they hear the story from a Holocaust survivor.  Her presentation goes beyond the facts; she applies the lessons learned to society today.  She asks her audience to be tolerant of others and not stereotype based on religious belief, color, race, or national origin.  She stresses the importance of positive thinking as well as creativity and inner-strength when working to overcome adversity.  She warns students to be true to themselves and not blindly follow the leader.” 
  • SAVE THE DATE! BOOK FAIR IS COMING!  Tuesday, January 14th    9am – 2:45pm and 5pm – 8pm.  We need lots of volunteer (especially for set up on Monday, 1/13).  Come for an hour or stay the entire day. Any help is greatly appreciated!  Please check out the Chatterton PTA Facebook page for further information.  Please contact Keri Lattanzio ( and/or Tara Lupo ( to sign up.  *Please note – a volunteer list must be submitted to the main office prior to the book fair event.
  • On Wednesday, January 15, 2020 as part of our PARP Celebration, the PTA Cultural Arts program will host Doreen Rappaport, an award-winning author of over 60 nonfiction books that celebrate multiculturalism, history, the lives of world leaders, and the stories of those she calls ‘not-yet-celebrated.’
  • The PTA Cultural Arts Program is continuing our Chess residency program for the third year in a row.  Each first and second grade class will receive four lessons on the following Tuesdays – February 2, February 11, February 25, and March 3.  Each class has chess sets so that the children can play chess during indoor recess periods, if they so choose.